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Back on July 6, 2019, I wrote about trying Impossible Foods’ vegetable based meat substitute at Moxi Burger. The whole experience was driven my by wife Stacey’s interest in Burger King’s Impossible Whopper, a product not offered at the time in our market.

Where is it?

Well, the time is now, and we have tried the Impossible Whopper! On August 8th, Burger King began offering the Impossible Whopper at all of it’s locations in the United States. The Impossible Whopper is a meatless, vegetable based burger patty created by Impossible Foods using all kinds of crazy science.

Stacey and I ordered a “real” Whopper with cheese, and an Impossible Whopper with cheese to go, to take them home to try. While speaking with the manager who took our order, we learned that each Burger King received only a limited supply of Impossible Whopper patties, and they were selling the hell out of them. One thing that surprised me was the Impossible Whopper meal was only $1 more than a regular Whopper meal; at Moxi Burger, the Impossible Burger patty is now $4 more.

The Burger King menu board. We ordered a #1 and a #3 meal.
So far, so good!

Stacey was adamant that I had to try each of the burgers without knowing which one I was trying to see if I could tell which Whopper was real and which was fake. So when we got home, Stacey had me leave the room so she could unwrap and cut each of the Whoppers in half to plate them.

So, which one is the “real” Whopper and which one is made of vegetables?

Upon first inspection, I guessed the Whopper on the left was the Impossible Whopper and the one on the right was the standard Whopper. I made my guess based off my experience with the Impossible Burger from Moxi Burger, and the texture of their Impossible patty. After eating bites from each of them, I found I was wrong! The real Whopper had a slightly looser texture to the meat, while the “meat” in the Impossible Whopper’s patty was a little more tighter and denser. If you weren’t eating the two side-by-side you’d never know! The flavors where almost indiscernible between the two Whoppers, both having a strong “flame broiled” smokey flavor. A word on that; eating the two Whoopers side-by-side will really make you understand how much smoke flavor is artificially added to the Burger King patties. Burger King Whoppers are not really awesome burgers, but they are still enjoyable for some reason. You know, good, bad food!

The Impossible Whopper.

After eating the Whopper and the Impossible Whopper side-by-side, I was not surprised by the Impossible Whopper at all. Especially after having tried the Impossible Burger at Moxi Burger and getting over the shock of how well Impossible Foods used vegetables to mimic meat. The Impossible Whopper tastes very much like a Whopper, with only the slightest differences in flavor and texture. I would bet that if I handed anybody familiar with a Whopper an unwrapped Impossible Whopper, and didn’t tell them what they were eating, they’d never know it wasn’t really meat!

For those of you who really, really don’t want to eat real meat, a warning; the Impossible Whopper is prepared in the same “flame broiler” that real beef and chicken are prepared in. Also, it has mayonnaise, a product containing eggs. So if you are the type of person that doesn’t want anything animal based touching your Impossible Whopper, you’ll have to request to have your Impossible Whopper cooked differently and to hold the mayo. Why would you though!?

How is it cooked?

If you are interested in trying an Impossible Whopper, I suggest you get to a Burger King sooner than later because this is a limited time promotion. I have no doubt that Burger King has seen some good gains by offering the Impossible Whopper and drawing curious customers into their stores. I am very interested to see if Burger King sees enough success from offering the Impossible Whopper that it ends up become a permanent fixture on their menu.

Limited time only. Patty made from plants.

The take aways:

  • It pretty much tastes just like a real Whopper!
  • Whoppers aren’t the greatest burgers on the planet but they are good, bad food.
  • If you want to try it, you better get to a Burger King soon before they stop carrying the Impossible Whopper!
  • Then get yourself to a Moxi Burger and try the Impossible Burger there!
  • I still prefer real MEAT!

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